- Parures/Sets - Vintage Regency yellow demi parure. Signed REGENCY

This delectable demi from REGENCY, designed in delicious yellow faceted crystals, is offered for your consideration. The brooch features gorgeous sparkling round and marquise quality crystals that reflect sparkling light amber, pink and lavender highlights. A lemon yellow glass teardrop dangle completes the design. It measures almost 2" to the end of the teardrop and approximately 1 1/4" across. The matching clip earrings measure about 1" in length and almost 1"across and reflect the same sparkling highlights as the brooch. This is such a beautiful set, in mint condition, that you can really appreciate its beauty and glamour when it's seen in person. I hope you're the one who gets that opportunity! This set has been marked down from $95.00 to $50.00. Sold USA only.

Price: $50.00
Status: Available