- Faberge Eggs - Elegant red and black Faberge egg pendant. NEW

This is a beautiful Faberge egg created in sterling silver and then gilded in 24 karat gold. It is then enameled with several layers of multicolored enamel.This technique of enameling is an extremely delicate and highly labor- intensive one involving hand application of translucent colored enamel and then firing it at very high temperatures. Each egg is enameled by hand with up to seven layers of enamel. Fashioned in red and black enamel with gold and crystal accents, this pendant is an elegant representation of the Faberge technique. A detailed arch with red enamel accent at the top holds the loop. It is a rich, eye-catching and dynamic pendant.The egg measures 1" in length. A real winner!!

Price: $115.00
Status: SOLD