- Fabulous Figurals - Vintage Trifari jelly belly hummingbird brooch Signed TRIFARI WITH CROWN

An excerpt from The Collector's Corner provides some information regarding Jelly Belly pins. "One of the most immediately recognizable examples of vintage costume jewelry is the Jelly Belly pin or brooch. Pioneered by Trifari in the 1930s and perfected by the company�s head designer, Alfred Philippe, in the 1940s, the phrase Jelly Belly refers to a figural�usually an animal�pin with a rounded middle made out of polished Lucite. Jelly Bellies produced immediately after World War II are must-haves for many collectors of vintage costume jewelry." This particular vermeil brooch is of a graceful hummingbird depicted in flight, its wings spread as it soars up, up and away towards the blue sky above. The detailed wings and tail feathers are set with faceted faux diamonds, and its eye has a ruby red stone. The brooch measures approximately 2 1/4" from the tip of the beak to the tail and 2 3/4" across the wing span. It is stamped TRIFARI, with the Crown over the T, and is in excellent condition. As it flies off into the distance, could it be headed directly to you?? I really believe you'll love this darling bird so just say the word and I'll let it know just where it has to go!! You have a Layaway option with payments to accommodate your schedule. Just contact me and we can work out the details.

Price: $200.00
Status: SOLD