- Marena & Eros Pins - Photo 2: Vintage Egyptian art deco face pin. Signed EROS

This stunning art deco face pin, signed EROS, is very detailed and has an elaborate design which surrounds the face set in the center. The curved sides, comprised of turquoise beads, tiny pearls as well as carnelian and jet beads, provide an ancient Egyptian motif completed by the gold tone "gate-like" design and floral motif, framing the delicate face. The lovely art deco lady has a musical design as her headpiece, complete with staff and notes. Apparently, our "Cleopatra" was partial to to the art of "Music" and wore it, not "on her sleeve," 'but as a lovely headpiece. Music lovers everywhere are certain to approve of her choice. Measuring a tad over 2 1/2" wide and almost 1 1/2" from top to bottom, it comes in excellent condition. This is a one-of-a-kind work of art and I hope you are the lucky person to claim this treasure for yourself!

Price: $155.00
Status: SOLD