- Marena & Eros Pins - Vintage Egyptian art deco face pin. Signed EROS

I have chosen this pin to be the first in the series of my Eros & Marena category. A few months ago I was fortunate enough to acquire this collection of art deco face pins from a gentleman who wanted to sell this collection. He explained that his Mom had been an antique dealer from the the seventies until the nineties and passed away in 1999. Much of her stock was not touched and when his Dad passed away recently he sold most of the items from the shop. He held on to these face pins, since they meant a great deal to his Mom, and finally decided to part with them. Apparently Eros and Marena collaborated on this collection and only a few were made. I believe Eros, who was influenced by Erte, continues to design very upscale pins that range into the hundreds of dollars. Marena made very few of these face pins and discontinued doing so. The pins you will find available in this category are quite special and once they are gone, there are no others. I wanted to share this story with you so you will know about their background and, as a result, be able to appreciate them even more. Thank you...Marie Please see the next photo for the description of this beautiful Eros Egyptian pin.

Price: $155.00
Status: SOLD