- SOLD - Photo 2 Vintage Boucher exquisite braided gold faux diamond bracelet. Signed BOUCHER

Now for the description of this exquisite bracelet! To begin with, this is a sensational signed BOUCHER bracelet in its original CIRO box that comes with its own provenance. It was purchased in the San Francisco branch of CIRO of Bond Street, Inc. At the time, which was 1965, the main store was on Old Bond Street in London with branches in New York, City, namely, The Waldorf Astoria on Fifth Avenue. Branches were also at The Statler Hilton in New York, as well as shops in Chicago and Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Pasadena, California. The original receipt is included in the Ciro Box. The bracelet sold for $39.00 plus $1.50 tax. Hard to believe the increase in value in such famous designers' work, but there it is and it will continue to increase in the years to come. Fashioned in beautiful antique gold with scads of glittering crystals that have an almost pave appearance. It measure just over 1" in width and is 8" around. The bracelet makes a fabulous presentation and best of all, since it's a stretch bracelet, it will fit any wrist. This is one vintage piece that will stand out in your collection and comes with its own provenance. How rare is that!!

Price: $525.00
Status: SOLD