- Bracelets - Vintage repousse bangle aquatic theme. Signed MARSAN

A unique handcrafted bangle with an aquatic theme featuring beautiful fish and colorful sea life is swimming your way. Crafted in the 1980's by a designer named MARSAN, it's a piece I kept because I'm a Pisces and as a water sign baby, I loved it. I was, however, never able to wear it since my wrist is very small, so I viewed it as a work of art for me to enjoy. I am parting with it now and hope another water sign will be drawn to its beauty. The design is highly lacquered so the colors really stand out. It measures 2 1/2" and the opening is a full 3" across. It's in great condition with some thin lines in the veneer due to the curved design. Subsequent photo will zero in on an example of this. The lines do not detract from the bracelet which is quite striking and definitely different!

Price: $70.00
Status: Available