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This dramatic demi parure from KRAMER is one of the most gorgeous sets I've had the pleasure to offer! The brooch features seven gorgeous pink/purple/red textured art glass marquise stones and six red glass marquise stones with purple iridescence. Surrounding most of the brooch we find rich red and amethyst baguettes with marquise accents. To top it all off there are four deep purple accent stones and five beautiful rich lavender lustrous faux pearls. The clip earrings feature the same stones as the brooch and all are set in a beautiful gold tone finish. The brooch measures 2 3/4" in length and 2 1/4" across. The earrings are 1 1/4" long and 1" wide. This spectacular set comes in excellent condition! If you love dramatic jewlery you'll find this demi takes drama to new heights!! Please keep in mind you have a Layaway option of three $61.67 payments. Thank you.

Price: $185.00

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