- Brooches/Pins - Precious pearl owl family brooch. Signed BOUCHER

One of the most precious brooches I've had the pleasure to offer is presented for your consideration. This endearing design features a mother owl and her babies perched on a tree branch with mom's outspread wings protecting her precious offspring. Set in a gold tone metal with unusual faux pearls, the owl figurals are designed with beautiful emerald green cabochon eyes. Not only is this brooch beautiful, it will be a conversation piece that draws loads of attention. How can one not love this fine family of feathered friends?? Measuring 2 1/4" across and 2" from top to bottom, this irresistible brooch is in excellent condition. It is stamped, BOUCHER, and bears the number "912." You will absolutely LOVE this piece, so do consider adopting this adorable family. It will be a WISE choice, one you will not regret!!

Price: $145.00
Status: SOLD